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North Carolina Gardening BooksRaising With the Moon
The Complete Guide to Gardening and Living
by the Signs of the Moon
Jack R. Pyle
Taylor Reese

2004, 147 pp., ISBN: 1-887905-36-7, Paperback, $13.95. Parkway Publishers

The lore of “moon sign” gardening and farming has been used by people world-wide since well before the birth of Christ. Even through the Dark Ages and today’s Age of Iconoclasts, these time-tested techniques have survived. Why? Because these are techniques that have been time-tested; and because they work. This fine reference book, this labor of love by Pyle and Reese, gathers all the moon-sign lore into a workable book--a unique ready reference. These writers are farm boys who cared enough to put it all together for you. Today, you may not need to bring in a crop or have a producing garden, but one day you may. The world changes. Think about it.

North Carolina Gardening BooksYou and the Man in the Moon
The Complete Guide to Using the Almanac

Jack R. Pyle
Taylor Reese

2004, 123 pp., ISBN: 1-887905-37-5, Paperback, $13.95. Parkway Publishers

Buying a farmer’s almanac is a time-honored, long-time tradition, but when you get your copy of the almanac home, do you really know what all those symbols are? You and the Man in the Moon by Pyle and Reese not only explains these funny-looking glyphs, it gives basic, down-to-earth information on how to get full use of the farmer’s almanac, a very valuable yearly publication. More than that, You and the Man in the Moon gives a brief history of almanacs in the world and almanacs from the early days of the United States of America. This reference book is written in a down-to-earth, easy-to-read, entertaining style. It is a good reference book and a great companion to the well-known book by the same authors, Raising With the Moon.

Jack R. Pyle & Taylor Reese, North Carolina Authors