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Readers say ... 

Jack R. Pyle

     I very much enjoyed your book-Sound of Distant Thunder.  Nice twist there at the end.  You really made the characters real (these could be my neighbors) and I particularly liked Sarah and Harley.  I also liked the way you handled the dialect-enough to get the flavor without being overpowering.

--Vicki Skemp


Taylor Reese
A letter from Joseph Sweeny:

Thank you so very much for sending us a copy of your book A Glimpse At Life.  I am reading it with great pleasure, as I have read your previous works.  I am constantly amazed at the depth and size of your
thoughts on many subjects.

I keep the book on my desk and pick it up frequently.
Delving into it, I always get a thought that I carry with me.  Thank you, thank you. You have rare talent in writing, and we hope you can write for many years
to come.

A letter from Julia Watts:

I just wanted to let you know that I read--and enjoyed--your memoir (From Here to There) while I was visiting my parents in Kentucky.  It was a very well-balanced piece of writing. The tone was nostalgic without being too sentimental, and Todd was a lovable kid but a real one.  His money-making
schemes and incidents of minor theft made him easy for me (and, I expect, other readers) to identify with. (Oops, I just ended that sentence with a preposition.)
I also especially admired the way you depicted the
complexity of racial relationships in the time and place where you came of age.  Well done! 

     You both signed the (almanac) book to me, which I hold  near and dear. I have to admit I bought the book and didn't get around to reading it until I was putting in an asparagus bed last year. I had planted a few roots according to instructions from "Organic Gardening", then read the whole book and went, "Oh, no!" I  planted the next two rows under your direction. Actually, all of it looks fantastic. I'm quite astounded and proud of my asparagus bed. But, I have to tell you, I won't make a move in my garden now without consulting the almanac.
     I've given the book to friends as gifts; the last copy just went out to the Czech Republic. Last summer I told these folks about the moon signs, and they were so convinced by me that I had to send them your book, plus copies from my almanac for the rest of the year.
     I am so enthusiastic about your book and using the moon signs to plant, I'm considered a fanatic by some of my neighbors. But it all makes sense to me. We were having some tree trimming done, and I was quite adamant about when they should do it. The man was very cooperative, because I sounded like I knew what I was talking about (thanks to you!), and negotiated a time that was in accordance with the signs.  Actually, he knew about the differences between pruning in the light or the dark of the moon, as they call it here, so we got along quite well.

--Stephanie Highsmith

A letter from Judy Porter:
Your books are wonderful!!  I read "You and the Man in the Moon" first.  Some pages flew by, some crept, and some I had to read to and three times for the information to sink in. Next, I zoomed through "Raising With the Moon" -- maybe because it was right up my alley.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to "Zoom" through it again and again.
     And next summer, as I'm in my garden, with the tomatoes and corn reaching over my head and tiptoeing through the melon and cucumber vines
inavading the pathways, I'm sure a chuckle will escape here and there.
     So thank you, thank you, thank you.  You've added a whole new dimension to my gardening and I'll think of you often. 

Jack R. Pyle and Taylor Reese * North Carolina Authors